Saturday, 23 November 2013

Meet Toby..from Blackheath!

I am not the only one to have spotted this fellow, others I know have spied him also..

He is very 'human' friendly...and loves nothing more than a bit of way of a few dozen strokes!

a feline...on patrol!

beautiful green eyes
..surveying my territory....

''Halloween is just round the corner, is he getting into...'character...'?
enjoying the early autumn sun

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Meet Molly...16 years....and counting!

A beautiful 'older lady who resides with my neighbour and fellow 'cat lover', Val

Meet....Molly aged 16

"is this pose good enough?"

"hmmmm...trying the old 'tempt me with treats...' trick I see!"

"if I look SO incredibly cute...will you let me ho to my bed?"
"I CAN stick my tongue out..if I want there!!

"that's IT...time for my break...."

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Bird of Prey Experience Day Out

The first of my 'and other animals' posts, I thought I would share with you a recent day out at the Biggleswade Bird of Prey Centre.

It's a really AMAZING place to visit and the staff there were very knowledgeable and showed true passion in their work!

If you can get to Bedfordshire, then get along to the Bird of Prey Centre...a truly memorable place to visit!

my first EVER experience in holding an I look happy??!
I had my very first experience in holding a bird of prey, up close.  A BEAUTIFUL owl!  It was really lovely to be able to have had the experience!

a staff member is on hand with some interesting that lense long enough?? lol!
The staff members really were incredible!  Such knowledge and such passion in their job.  The old saying "when you find the job you love, you will never work another day in your life.." so very true here..!

"..not too sure about this...."

Mr confidence is here!

Some visitors were quite nervous and did not know what to expect, others, took to it all like a duck to water.

Aaron with Aaron...
I know Aaron looks unimpressed...but he really was the exact opposite!
When my son Aaron first had held on one of the birds, what a coincidence...the owl was also called...Aaron!

the other residents' public display
Another very exciting part of the day was the flying back and forth with the larger birds, including eagles.  Our group was split into two and we each took turns with the birds flying back and forth and landing on our arms...all very exiting!
yes, he really WAS as heavy as he looked!  
Aaron with an eagle that landed!

sharing the land with Biggleswade air field

All in all had a WONDERFUL day and would highly recommend this to anyone who is after a day out that is a little bit different and a little bit...special!

The Finer Details:

Bird of Prey Centre
The English School of Falconry

Old Warden Park

Nr Biggleswade
SG18 9EA

Guinness & Co!

Here are some adorable shots of my Sister-in-Law's can probably spot he is a mixed breed...check out his ears!

having a cuddle with his brother

a next door neighbour comes to visit!

checking out the garden


Friday, 2 August 2013


From an unwanted and abandoned a healthy, robust and lively young male!

It is so sad that so many cats can potentially become homeless and I know we can never help all of them, but even if we do our bit to help just one....we will be doing a great and kind thing!

Ted as a kitten

he was very playful!

he likes to hide in the plants!


What a handsome boy!

"can you spot me?"

relaxing in the garden


Monty is the furry family member of some long standing friends. A handsome boy with BIG you can see!!

He loves to go hunting, especially for squirrels and birds, but that is what some cats do!

They have had a number of cats over the years, and Monty is the latest addition!

As you can see, he just LOVES the camera!!

 a montage of Monty!


'time to lounge...'

"am I allowed on the table?"

.."so many little time..."

'just chillin...'

Friday, 26 July 2013

A very friendly young Bengal comes calling!

 Had a lovely encounter with a young Bengal (or more appropriately....'mothership ones' due to their very high intelligence!) at my home today...and  VERY handy to have my camera on standby!

first spotted, going underneath a car! he comes!

,,just time for a quick relax...while you take my photo!

..having a 'sniff' around!

."what's round there??"

.."am I gorgeous enough today?"

."time to head off home now...c ya later!"